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Selling Furniture with us

ReNu Furniture provides an end-to-end service for your furniture sale.

How we help:

  • Collect and Deliver your furniture
  • Process safe payments for you & your buyer
  • Review & Optimise your listing

Other re-sale marketplaces can feel unsafe, not only can it be uncomfortable to share your personal details with strangers, but standoff-ish negotiations mean that high-quality furniture gets undervalued and overlooked.

Not with ReNu. We do things differently.

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Selling Furniture - FAQs


Is there a listing fee?

No, it is free to list your item on ReNu Furniture Then if your item sells we will charge a small % commission on the sale


What does this commission fee pay for?

This fee allows us to process payments securely via PayPal and we will collect your item and deliver it anywhere in the wider sussex area


Do I pay any additional fees?

No, the commission charge covers payment and delivery - So you don’t pay any additional fee to PayPal or for delivery and it means we are as invested as you are to sell your item!


How much is the commission fee?

Our commission rate varies with the value of the item, so use the sliding scale to calculate your take home profits.


Will you share my personal information with the buyer?

No, we act as the middle man, your address, phone number and email will not be shared with the customer


Can buyers negotiate?

No, unlike other marketplace websites, where negotiations can undervalue an item or lead to awkward conversation - the item can only be bought at the listed price


When will my item appear on the site?

We review and optimise most listings within 48 hours - once approved they will go live and you will be notified


I have another question...

Please get in touch! Email us:

Call us: 01273 326213