ReNu Furniture - How it works

Buying on ReNu

  1. Browse Furniture

    Browse our site for furniture that you love, when you find the one request to buy via PayPal checkout.

    No PayPal Account? You can checkout as a guest using your credit/debit card
  2. Confirmation

    We'll put your payment on hold while we coordinate collection and delivery with you and the seller.
  3. Delivery

    We collect your item from the seller and inspect it to ensure it matches the description.

    Your payment will not be processed until after you confirm you're happy with your item

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Selling on ReNu

  1. List

    It's free to list an item with ReNu. Just complete our short form and set the amount you would like to earn.

    We add a small commission which includes collection, delivery and payment processing.
  2. Collection

    When someone request to buy your item, we'll reach out to arrange a collection date that suits you
  3. Get Paid

    We pay you on collection of your item using your preferred payment method

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