The Nu and improved marketplace

Our Startup Story

I launched ReNu because I wanted to make it easier to buy and sell secondhand furniture for two fundamental reasons. Firstly, because I found that other resale marketplaces could feel awkward and unsafe, especially for women and/or people that live alone. Secondly, because if people don’t feel safe to shop secondhand - that takes away their opportunity to make a sustainable choice.

ReNu is designed to provide a safe, convenient and exciting way to reduce the waste in the furniture industry. It is so much fun to decorate your home and it should be possible to buy secondhand furniture without sharing personal details to strangers online! ReNu Furniture provides an online platform with secure payment options, optimised listings and a reliable delivery service in Brighton, Hove and the wider Sussex area.

I actually furnished my first flat in Hove almost entirely using second hand furniture, so the goal is to help other people transform their spaces safely, affordably and sustainably.

Beautiful furniture can really breathe new life into an old space so;
Join me in growing your home the green way!