Top 5 Tips to Live More Sustainably

How to be more eco friendly when living in Brighton & Hove

Brighton and Hove has been named the most sustainable city in Britain but there is always more you can do. We caught up with @sustainabilityforstarters to get the best tips, swaps and shops that can help anyone become more environmentally friendly

1. Bring your own

First things first, this is the easiest swap of all:
Bringing your own containers, cups, cutlery and anything else that may be single use. It’s so much easier as it means you always have something on you, and means that you can use things multiple times per day!

I bought a small cutlery pouch off of Etsy and I’ve filled it with my array of metal straws and wooden cutlery. Using what you already have to lengthen its life is always better than buying new. Look in your home for any items that may be able to be repurposed, such as glass jars or an old T-shirt.

Reusable Cutlery
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2. Start Small

Not all of your changes have to be life altering! Start with small, achievable changes. Take a metal straw, use your own reusable cup when you're out or use one less plastic container by refilling. These small changes add up really quickly and you’ll probably soon find that you cant stop making them!

The smallest change I made to begin with was using an EcoEgg for my washing; Super simple, super easy and only needs refilling every 4-6 months (depending on how much you use your washing machine). Then, I kept making small changes that helped my daily life!

Sustainable Shop
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3. Research local stores

Having a good idea of where things are in your area. Look for local stores that offer eco alternatives or refills. This can give you a good idea of where you can refill your groceries and liquids, as well as where will sell eco alternatives. It’s amazing what a quick bit of research you can do and how may local stores may be in your area!

The best stores (in my opinion of course) in the Brighton and Hove area are:

4. Refill, Refill, Refill!

Run out of washing liquid? Need some more pasta? Want 1/2 tbsp of paprika for a recipe? Pop down to your local eco store and get exactly what you need, when you need, plastic-free! In refill stores, you can get as much or as little as you need, meaning you can save some money and waste.

Bring your own containers from home to store everything and fill up whatever you want of all the products that you love! My favorite store to use is Harriets of Hove, located near George Street. There, you can refill your dried groceries and bathroom liquids (for cleaning and washing). My regular is Shampoo and Conditioner, razor blades for my metal razor and obviously some RubyDooby’s vegan sweets.

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5. Look online too!

There are hundreds of Etsy stores, such as FeelGoodThinkingCo, that sell amazing eco friendly products. I have brought countless amazing products from small stores - what better way to support small local businesses.

Etsy is also a great place to explore loads of handmade items that use up-cycled materials (such as SparrowHandmade), places that sell reusable and bespoke items. I also use online Marketplaces such as Wearth, who sell items form hundreds of great brands, including local brand One Green Bottle (One GB), who sell reusable bottles. And how could I not mention that at loads of stores in Brighton and Hove use Ethicul, a rewards system that allows you to gain points from your favorite stores, and then claim a reward at 250 or 500 points. I am close to getting my 500 point reward!